What is important when developing an emergency plan for your HOA community?

This is the question that many board members struggle with when contemplating emergency and disaster plans for their communities. As volunteer community leaders, no one can expect the board, or individual board members, to function as fully trained emergency managers! They don’t have the experience, time or training for this. That is why I profess that the best strategy for any HOA board is to develop a simple, yet effective, written emergency plan. If it is simple and in writing any board member can effectively implement the plan to best serve the community during an¬†emergency or disaster. The two most important components of any community’s emergency plan are effective communications and a well-developed evacuation plan. If the board communicates timely information to¬†the community and is able to rapidly and safely initiate effective evacuation processes, then the community is much safer and better served as a result.

Remember, keeping the plan simple is the best way to effectively safeguard the community and yourself as a volunteer board member. Please let me know if I might be able to help you or your Association through the emergency planning process.

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